joi, 22 septembrie 2016

Download iGO Europe 2016 maps (4.8 GB)

Download the latest maps from iGO: iGO Europe 2016 maps. FDS files are included.

Seems like this is the last map the iGO will release in 2016. Hence we do not except any newer maps this year.

Download Link for iGO Europe 2016 maps 

(Total size: 4.8 GB)

Download iGO Europe 2016 maps  

joi, 2 octombrie 2014

Garmin 2015.20 maps for Europe Download free

These are the latest maps released by the biggest GPS map provider in the world: Garmin 2015.20 maps for Europe Download free.
The maps covers more than 90% of all the roads in Europe, this is the most complete maps that you will probably ever findGarmin 2015.20 maps for Europe Download free

marți, 19 august 2014

iGO Primo 2014 .apk download for Android phones

As you might know, iGO does not have apps for Android Phones in General, but you can use this version that had been released for Israel.
This is the latest version that you can download from Google Play


How to install:
1. Completely remove any previous version of iGO and files/
2. Copy the iGO folder to the root of youd device`s sd card
3. Add to iGO folder
4. Add maps, POI, FTR and others
5. Now you can safely instal the .apk

Enjoy your new GPS Device

Download Link for iGO primo 2014 apk

If you cannot open this link, you must install the newest version of uTorrent

marți, 10 iunie 2014

Garmin maps 2014 for Southern Africa

Navigate with confidence, The Garmin maps offers full coverage of Republic of Southern Africa, and it covers most urban areas from Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
I Strongly recommend you to update your GPS maps if You want to go to this areas, because in this poor countries the external roads rules are changed constantly.

Garmin maps 2014 for Southern Africa
Garmin maps 2014 for Southern Africa
Garmin maps 2014 for Southern Africa
City Navigator® Southern Africa NT

Download Garmin 2014 maps for Southern Africa

vineri, 6 iunie 2014

Download Minecraft pocket Edition v0.9.0

The well known game, MINECRAFT is now available on Android Devices.
You can download minecraft pocket edition v0.9.0 for free.
Minecraft is one of the most wanted games from Google Play.

Download Minecraft pocket Edition v0.9.0

Download Minecraft pocket edition 0.9.0

marți, 27 mai 2014

How to remove FBI virus if safe mode is not working

ONLY For windows 7 and Windows 8 users

First of all, you should know that this FBI thing is a trap, it appeared on your screen because you have a outdated version of java and you probably have watched porn movies. It`s based on a small javascript that runs wen you start your computer. If you restore your computer to and earlier time, that script will be removed.

There are different easy way to remove this virus, i will present you the simplest and the fastest one.


1. Restart/start your computer, and while windows is loading press the reset button, or hold the power button for 5 secs and the pc will safe force stop.

2. On next boot, before windows loads, it will ask you if you want to repair your computer.

Use arrow keys and enter to select Repair your Computer

3. This step is different from a operating system to another, on some OS, it shows you a list of tasks, choose from the list "System Restore" and restore your computer to an early time.

On other versions it tries to repair itself, but while the repair screen is on, click "Cancel" and it will show you the System recovery options

Now, install the latest java version from JAVA.ORG

I also know how to make this virus, but i won`t tell anyone.

luni, 19 mai 2014

Sygic Android Romania apk and voice

De aici puteti descarca cea mai recenta versiune de Sygic
Sygic este cel mai popular soft de navigatie pentru telefoanele cu Android.

Acesta aplicatie are cateva caracteristici unice cum ar fi Head-Up Display - Adica proiecteaza imaginile de pe ecranul telefonului direct pe parbriz.
Harta si limba romana pentru sygic le puteti obtine cu usurinta folosind Sygic Map Downloader pe care o puteti descarca de pe linkul de mai jos.

Descarca Sygic Android Romania map

Descarca sygic romania 14.0.2 apk cracked

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