marți, 4 martie 2014

Nexus Media Importer apk download v 7.4.1

This app requires a USB On The Go (OTG) Connector.
This app works with any Nexus Device (except nexus 4 because of the hardware limitations) and devices that has Android 4.0 or higher, android 4.4 is recommended.
Make sure your phone has USB Host Support (see on GSMARENA.COM)
This is How to transfer files from your USB drive to your Smartphone.
To use it, first insert you USB drive into the cable, than connect the cable into your smartphone, the app should launch automatically

Download Nexus Media Importer  7.4.1 (0.91 MB)

This is how a OTG cable looks like

It costs 1$ HERE

Nexus Media Importer apk download v 7.4.1
Download Nexus Media Importer  7.4.1 (0.91 MB)Download Nexus Media Importer  7.4.1 (0.91 MB)

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