miercuri, 7 mai 2014

Bitcoin mining - What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a electronic payment solution developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin become so popular because it works with peer-to-peer networks, and no government can control it, and no one will know what you do with this coin.
For example you can pay someone to sell you drugs, and police will never know that you gave him that money.
The bitcoin is stored in your computer as a cripted file
So compared to any other alternative, bitcoin has some important advantages
Bitcoin is sent from person to person, with no need of a bank or any other institiution
The fees for bitcoin are much lower
It is available in any country
There is no way for bank to froze your account
You can have as much bitcoins as you want
There are kept in your personal computer tablet, cellphone, in a digital wallet.
You can buy anything with bitcoins!

The Bitcoin transactions are verified by individuals named miners
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