marți, 27 mai 2014

How to remove FBI virus if safe mode is not working

ONLY For windows 7 and Windows 8 users

First of all, you should know that this FBI thing is a trap, it appeared on your screen because you have a outdated version of java and you probably have watched porn movies. It`s based on a small javascript that runs wen you start your computer. If you restore your computer to and earlier time, that script will be removed.

There are different easy way to remove this virus, i will present you the simplest and the fastest one.


1. Restart/start your computer, and while windows is loading press the reset button, or hold the power button for 5 secs and the pc will safe force stop.

2. On next boot, before windows loads, it will ask you if you want to repair your computer.

Use arrow keys and enter to select Repair your Computer

3. This step is different from a operating system to another, on some OS, it shows you a list of tasks, choose from the list "System Restore" and restore your computer to an early time.

On other versions it tries to repair itself, but while the repair screen is on, click "Cancel" and it will show you the System recovery options

Now, install the latest java version from JAVA.ORG

I also know how to make this virus, but i won`t tell anyone.
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